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Education and Tools For The Job Search

CareerConnection is an organization focused on providing specific value-building services to unemployed individuals in the North Texas community. To that end, CareerConnection focuses on educating and providing the tools, information, training and support necessary for unemployed individuals or “associates” in the North Texas region to successfully re-enter the workforce. CareerConnection associates benefit from group seminars and individual coaching to sharpen their interviewing skills, modify their resume, and learn about job searching tools. The organization develops relationships with top-quality companies to have up-to-date information to help inform unemployed members of job openings; however, it does not conduct any job placement activities; it solely provides information on open positions.

CareerConnection activities are directed at its associates, and anyone from the general public can become an associate. Any unemployed individual or anyone in the middle of a career-change can become an associate by paying a nominal fee to help defray operating costs and agreeing to abide by the organizations purposes. Individuals that want to be associates but cannot pay the dues will be allowed to volunteer services in lieu of associate fees.

Weekly Support and Training Meetings

CareerConnection holds weekly meetings for its associates.  Activities include, but are not limited to, New Associate/Visitor Orientation, General Session and Career Management Groups. In addition, we conduct periodic workshops on various subjects as required to meet the current needs of our associates.