New Member/Visitor Orientation


CareerConnection introduces new associates to the CareerConnection process and activities. We describe an overview of the Job Search Process, focusing on the keys to executing an effective and efficient professional job search. Also, we conduct three hours of additional training for associates. These sessions provide more in-depth education about the skills, knowledge and techniques required to execute a successful job search. Topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Dealing with the emotional side of the job search
  • How to effectively research and identify target companies for future employment
  • How to conduct an informational interview to clarify their focus, the type of employment or career they want and to target a specific type of job
  • How to research companies to assess their strengths and weaknesses and determine how  they can effectively interview in those companies
  • Successful interview techniques
  • How to negotiate salary
  • How to develop an effective cover letter that targets the desired position
  • How to draft an effective resume

General Session


The General Session provides an opportunity for associates to share their experiences and knowledge with each other. We have found that this provides a support network for those who are in the job search and also allows for sharing of tips for job hunting, thereby increasing their chances of obtaining successful employment. We encourage associates to develop relationships with one another so that they can provide support and assistance to each other in overcoming obstacles to their job search. Also, CareerConnection recruits talented and successful industry professionals to come and share educational information relating to a particular industry, as well as tips and techniques for maintaining focus and enthusiasm.



CareerConnection is tuned into the various needs of its associates and ensures that we are meeting the dynamic needs of the associates. Thus, as the needs of the associates change, we ensure we develop programs and workshops that will fulfill those needs. At various times throughout the year, we will provide additional workshops on topics relevant to our associates.

Topics may include:

  • LinkedIn and other Social Media applications in Job Search
  • Resume Workshop
  • Strategic Networking to Find Employment
  • Transitions – Dealing with Life’s Changes
  • Behavioral Interviewing Techniques and Practice

Career Management Groups

CareerConnection maintains various Career Management Groups (CMG) which meet at times and locations outside the General Session. Each CMG is typically comprised of associates who have a discipline or career in common, although some are geographic in nature. CMGs provide the opportunity for associates to develop deeper personal knowledge of each other, their industry and engage in more targeted career development by engaging in ongoing skills and knowledge development.

CareerConnection aims to maintain CMGs for the major industries in the North Texas region; however, the CMGs are based on member interest and commitment. Interested associates should contact the Moderator(s) of the CMG they have an interest in to verify that they are currently active.

If associates have an interest in forming a CMG for an industry or geographic area not currently represented, CareerConnection will assist them in that endeavor.


Individual Counseling

Members may schedule an appointment to receive one hour of individual consulting on ways they can improve their resume. Volunteers work with these associates to refine and hone their resumes and cover letters.